This website exists for the purpose of exposing and publishing information about The Church of Wells located in Wells, Texas, USA. We are seeking information that will bring to light the true nature of this new religious group.

The Church of Brisbane, a serious cult warning!

    Church of Brisbane cult Warning from Australia Read More

Family member warns the public of Church of Wells dangers

Reece Ringnald, younger brother to Church of Wells elder Ryan Ringnald warns the public in this public statement of denouncement:… Read More

The Kelly Files – “God desires to boil your bones…. and smell you burn”

Kelly Lynch's terrorizing account of her time with the Church of Wells is documented here:   "They essentially brainwashed me… Read More

The Elders
Exposing the Church of Wells
Sean Morris


Exposing the Church of Wells
Ryan Ringnald


Exposing the Church of Wells
Jacob Gardner


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