“There’s no epidural.  There’s no way out.  Eight, twelve, twenty-four hour, ya know…two day labor.”   Jacob Gardner


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Testimony Of Judith
Testimony of Judith
Jake Gardner
YMBBA Ministries
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27:44  “There’s no epidural.  There’s no way out.  Eight, twelve, twenty-four hour, ya know…two day labor.”

50:05  “About six hours into the labor I’d have to make the decision whether or not to call the midwives. The labor was only eight hours long. And I waited till the sixth hour to call the midwives.  Just waiting to see blood…going everywhere.  I didn’t know how much to expect.  Before her water even broke…blood everywhere.  And I’m not knowing what to do, and not knowing that things are ok, and if not, no one’s been in the room yet, it’s been Hannah and I laboring together all morning – hours.  And just praying incessantly, Oh God…”

62:38 “It’s an abortion to use contraception.  Contraception is the spirit of abortion.  So we’re not using anything, we’re just trusting God.  “

69:14  “The Lord had convicted me even upon the bed that night that we didn’t need to get ultrasound. That the Lord could tell us everything about the baby, if it’s healthy, and the gender, and all these things. The Lord can show us that. Ya know.  Manoah, Sampson’s father didn’t have ultrasound, and the Lord showed him.  The Lord showed the name, the gender, the life, everything.”

91:30  “I’m just going to pray for the children that the Lord would bring a stillness.  ‘Father, Lord, I pray God that if these children would be a distraction Lord God, to the word that thou art endeavoring to speak to thy church, I ask for this time Lord God that you would bind their mouths Lord God, that you would silence them Lord God,  underneath thy fear, underneath thy holiness Lord God…silence the children Lord.'”

155:50  Sean Morris starts speaking here

158:17   “God would visit us through a dream, and encourage us and strengthen us.  Even with the revelation on Calvinism and Arminianism God gave me a dream of that morning of one of the greatest trials I would ever go through, when my own brethren would turn against me.  The very morning it happened the Lord gave me a dream. Some of you don’t know this, but many of you got saved just by God instructing us from a dream to go there now, as we were on the road.  We just followed the Lord God.  Wherever he said, we go.  That’s all we did the whole time.  Even going to cities.  We didn’t have the money, we didn’t do anything.  I just prayed, and God says, ‘Ricky will give you the money up in upstate New York City’.  And I go.  And he did.  And God healed this man, and gave this money, and then gave it to us, and it was a miracle.  Everything that, it simply can not be vindicated, the faithful messages of God all throughout the cities.  But some of you know, in all of our missionary journeys God hasn’t been silent.  He’s given us visions, and words, and every one of them has come to pass.  Every one.”

167:45  “Years ago we were seeing much of the power of God, and many thing, but we could never – we were just learning the old paths of God, and it took so long.”