“We have been in the last days.  Now we are in the latter of the last days.”  Jacob Gardner


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A Context For The Church Today 2016-05-29
A Context for the Church Today
Jake Gardner
Solemn Assembly
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21:18  “Brethren, we all had corporately a  powerful experience encounter with the presence of God in November of last year, when God came brethren.  God came mightily on the 84th day, the 12th week of our meetings – literally.  The 12th week, the 84th day, while we were singing Psalm 84 verse 12, the spirit of God came down.”

22:11  “…and we all knew that God had come.  It was the very night that God was confirming us in his grace.  Confirming to us that indeed, the spirit of God has released the gifts upon his church, upon us.  And affirming in every way that we were elect of God.  The decree has been made.  We are his.”

2:06:56  “Things are very dark outside.  God has given us a little light in Goshen.  But things are getting very dark beloved brethren.  Things are dark.  Things have been dark.”

2:09:25  “We have been in the last days.  Now we are in the latter of the last days.”

2:16:45  “Don’t be ignorant of this one thing – that one day is with the Lord as if a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.  Isn’t it interesting brethren that we have this dispensation, a map, the history of the world, as best as we can tell, strewn across the border of the walls of our room in there.  Christ came about 4000 years into the history of the world.  And now its been 2000 years.  And there’s another thousand years in the history of God’s church that he has destined.  And it’s a thousand years of rest.  Here we are at 6000 years – just ready for these six days to pass – to be launched into this glorious seven day rest, this eternal Sabbath.  That’s where we’re at, it’s what we’re waiting for, here we are.  God is a god of order, truly, and here we are – 6000 years into the history of the world – in the last days of this timeline, prophetic timeline of history…”



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