2014-04-26 The Problem of Sin and the Method of Redemption
2014-04-26 The Problem of Sin and the Method of Redemption
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“When your spouse falls into an unclean state and that is acknowledged by the elders, are you publicizing that so that he or she can be properly shamed?  Because that shame is going to work for their repentance.”

 –  Sean Morris, Church of Wells


“…God has been with us brethren. He has been with us and He birthed this church. He set up a lampstand in heaven and He has walked in our midst from here since the beginning. He saved more souls than I can remember in the past 5 yrs 50 of you maybe. Another third of you He has drawn you saved you from a backslidden state hidden a multitude of sins placed you in a lampstand with shepherds who have been appointed by Him allowed you to understand the meat and wisdom of God’s Word…”

“There is no individual. There is no one man. One man cannot win a war. It is keeping rank and doing your job. That is a Christian. ”

“There have been times and seasons brethren where we have had momentum that we do not have right now. There is momentum in the sense that He is moving among the heathen but there is a decay right now among the church within because of a lack of corporate prayer meetings because our physical house of assembly was stolen by the Canaanites.”

“We are trying to buy a house right now. Do not tell anyone in Wells. We are trying to buy the Living Water house. The realtor has not gotten back to us. Either we are not praying or God is just desiring to try us just like the Israelites there may be some of you that are murmuring and you have provoked His wrath or maybe there is an Achan and 36 men need to die before we get up and call upon God as we should to take the ground which is given to us.”

“I do not know all the reasons I do not know all the course but I know that God is with us. He is with me. He has been with us the elders and those who are staying right with God.”

“Maybe the eye of God is falling upon you. Maybe you are that rebel that He wants to purge. Maybe God wants us to abide 30 days so that a great man might die.”

“You have got a woman of Moab walking by your side. And through the circumstances that I have rehearsed to you brethren when your spouses, now I want to speak practically. When your spouses are struggling what do you do? Do you try to help them, pray for them and when you do not think they are getting victory do you go and get help for them? Do you ask them to go get help from another? What are you doing? I am speaking to ladies. Men, when your spouses are struggling what do you do about it? In the camp because 1 Cor 7 where it says the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the believing husband and the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the believing wife it means that whole households are called to appear before God even if only one spouse is regenerate so that means that when one spouse is unclean in a damnable condition and that is known they can still appear before God with the believing one and that can be with a regenerate backslider as well who is legally a sinner and an unbeliever at that present time. “

“Leavening happens and this has happened for weeks now spouses I am talking to you. When your spouse falls into an unclean state and that is acknowledged by the elders are you publicizing that so that he or she can be properly shamed? Because that shame is going to work for their repentance.”
“New brethren I have a warning for you those of you who have been with us for only months I have a warning for you. Remember Jehu. Jehu was a man who had zeal who was anointed of the LORD who understood how to destroy the house of Balaam. When he was strengthened for that he was weak in another cause. He knew how to see sinners converted. He knew how to preach the true Gospel. He knew how to do some signs and wonders to purge lost people from their iniquities. I can assure you brethren if you are new you do not know how to purge the house of God as you should.”

“Now you older brethren or younger brethren who have been here for a while you know what I am talking about where you were made aware of what it means to come near to corporate perfection and sensibility to sin, the holiness of God, the momentum that brooded upon the congregation, the advances we made together in time past, the new brethren do not know that. Do not let their lightness deceive you. Do not trust in their flesh. Do not do it.”

“And if you just experienced being restored and you have just come into our midst you need to learn from these older brethren who have an understanding of how to keep the people right with God and their affections are turned towards that more than your are because of simply time and experience and trials that they have been through these years. Older brethren do not be deceived. Let us not become like all the other false Christians who also zealous for many things but not zealous for perfect things. Remember the things the LORD has taught you. Older brethren keep them accountable. New brethren remember Jehu. These things can be very deceiving if you do not prayerfully with trembling bear these things in your heart. I am serious. This is not a game.”


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