“There will be massacres, there will be bloodshed, and it will be glorious brethren!”  – Ryan Ringnald


The Pastoral Epistles 2016-05-01
The Pastoral Epistles 2016-05-01
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75:00  “These false prophets, they say Jesus Christ is not come in the flesh – they deny the living Lord that’s in his church.  The living Lord that’s alive, the living Lord that’s in his people, right now they deny him….Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.  Jesus Christ is in his people…If you deny his people, if you deny the reproach of Christ in his people, you deny the living Christ.”

81:20  “We are raising up others to be preachers and others to be elders.”

88:29  “There will be massacres, there will be bloodshed, but it will be glorious brethren!”

92:00  “Jackie Kenaston has a form of modesty. She wears a headveil. She’s a nice lady, and she denies the Holy Ghost.”

93:00  “Denny Kenaston knew God.  He knew God but he strained at gnats and false Anabaptist doctrines, high places.  And he denied the Holy Ghost, and he denied us.  He died in the judgement of God.”

94:30  “He started denying those that obey the Spirit of God.  And the Charity churches – they cast out Keith Daniel, they cast out Zac Poonen, they cast out Paul Washer, and then they cast us out.”

115:22  “The Charity movement: They have possibly thousands that have been saved – maybe tens of thousands of people that were saved.  I don’t know how many…I don’t know. Thousands.  Really saved people.  How many of those are going to endure to the end? Are enduring to the end?  Hardly any.  Hardly any.”

125:55  “I believe that God has just burdened me that we are going to see a church established in the Spanish-speaking world.  I prayed a couple days ago. I cried out to the Lord.   I had much faith. I was rejected. We were rejected. I was blocked on Facebook by all appearance by Joseph Irvin and Lena Irvin.  By all appearances he and his wife have blocked me and blocked Sean, and probably blocked others in the church as well.  And I believe last night the Lord could have spake unto me a positive word.  The Davids got food for us.  It was a big 3 lb box of grapes. And we got the grapes and my wife brought them over and she said, “those are like the grapes of Eshcol!  Those are the biggest grapes I’ve ever seen that don’t have seeds in them.  Where are those produced?  Where do those come from?  San Felipe Chile!”  And I thought it could have been the Lord brethren.  There’s a man that we’re talking to in Chile if you all didn’t know that. Brother William has talked to a young man. He is a sinner, but I thought it could have been the Lord. These grapes came from Chile.  I thought it was from the Lord.”




One thought on “The Pastoral Epistles – May 1st, 2016 – Ryan Ringnald

  1. Jeremiah 23:16 “This is what the LORD Almighty says: “Do not listen to what the prophets are prophesying to you; they fill you with false hopes. They speak visions from their own minds, not from the mouth of the LORD.” I have seen this time and again where these young men want to convince themselves and the poor souls they have mislead that they are either getting visions from God or that God is speaking to them and the conditions around each event are molded and manipulated to support their assertions. It’s so transparent.

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