May 21, 2017   IMPORTANT UPDATE and CLARIFICATION regarding the videos and emails below:

From “Iglesia Bíblica de Nuestro Señor Jesucristo” of Lima, Perú: 


“Brothers in Christ of “Exposing the Church of Wells” we write to you in the love of our Lord, in order to clarify some things that we have seen in your page in relation to our congregation.

  1. In this page it seems to mention that our congregation has communion with the “Church of Wells” which we consider a cult.
  2. In 2014 they arrived in Lima with an outward appearance of piety and wrong doctrine. At that time it was not knowed and they were received and were able to participate in some of our services. But when we realize their sectarian behavior as you have described well in your posts and videos, we turn them away from our communion and ask them to leave. It was necessary to do this because their doctrine did not conform to the sound words of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  3. Currently now (2017) one of its leaders arrived in Lima and try once again to interfere in the life of the church by going to a sister’s house to disturb her and make her stumble. We have warned of this and will not have fellowship with them or anyone who is in contact or partakes with them as it is dangerous to the spiritual wellbeing of the members of our church.
  4. Brothers we write this letter to you, please, if it were possible to make a correction on your page by adding what we are manifesting; including the videos you posted of our brothers in Lima, if you can make the correction as we are manifesting this to you, because this is right before the Lord.
  5. We give you our emails if you want a more detailed explanation of the falsity of this group, for there are many testimonies of brothers who can account about this. We, like you, see the danger of this group and it is necessary to warn others about this matter. May the Lord keep guiding you in everything you do.


June 2014 and July 2014 video and email correspondence:

Important to note that this was a recruitment attempt.  The church members in these videos are not a part of The Church of Wells.




2014-06-09 Peru update #1-and #2 - Matthew Bagnall (26.2 KiB)

2014-06-09 Peru update #3, Open doors in Venezuela and Mexico - Jacob Gardner (20.9 KiB)

2014-06-12 Peru update #4, Eternal Security - Matthew Bagnall (19.1 KiB)

2014-06-12 Peru update #5 - Jacob Gardner (26.6 KiB)

2014-06-14 Peru update #6 - Jacob Gardner (11.8 KiB)

2014-06-17 Peru update #7, Armando Diaz in Houston - Jacob Gardner (25.3 KiB)

2014-06-19 Peru update #8, repent! - Jacob Gardner (14.8 KiB)

2014-06-27 Peru Update #9, Howling and groaning - Sean Morris (18.3 KiB)

2014-06-30 Peru Update #10 - Sean Morris (22.0 KiB)

2014-07-02 Peru update #11, two prophetic dreams - Sean Morris (33.2 KiB)

2014-07-04 Peru update #12, elders meetings - Sean Morris (24.8 KiB)

2014-07-07 Peru update #13 - Sean Morris (30.5 KiB)

2014-07-10 Peru update #14 - Matthew Bagnall (59.5 KiB)

2014-07-11 Peru update #15 Alfonso Eder - Sean Morris (24.8 KiB)

2014-07-12 Peru update #16 - Sean Morris (17.2 KiB)

2014-07-12 Peru update #17 - Francis Florentino (24.4 KiB)

2014-07-13 Peru update #18, Potential Insurrection - Sean Morris (72.3 KiB)

2014-07-16 Letter to brother Alfonso - Ryan Ringnald (128.0 KiB)


4 thoughts on “Sean Morris, Church of Wells Cult Recruiting in Lima Peru

  1. M.Z. ” The church realized its heresy and bad behavior and were confronted”: , WHAT heresy and bad behavior ***specifically*** ??

    Can someone please point me to said heresy in their correspondence linked above or elsewhere ? And what bad behavior exactly ?

    This is the general pattern ( it’s frustrating) of all these anti-COW sites . I’ve yet to see *anything* that they do or teach that is not biblical & qualifies them as a cult. I’ve heard report from someone who left , freely ( so much for having to “escape” ) , because she had to move closer to her son, that they are doers of the word not hearers only . Jesus warns the world will not understand and hate all on the narrow road .


  2. La iglesia en Lima Perú se separó ese mismo año de esta secta, solo fue muy poco el tiempo que estuvieron, cerca de un mes. La iglesia se dio cuenta de su herejia y mal proceder y fueron confrontados. Luego éste año han regresado y la iglesia no los ha recibido y estamos alertas por el daño que puedan causar. Solo Alfonso Nuñez ha sido reclutado por ellos, y en estos momentos está con ellos en EEUU con su familia (26/5/2017) siendo entrenado por ellos con el fin de venir y establecer una congregación como ellos aquí. El Señor cuidará a su pueblo, él es nuestro Pastor y Obispo de nuestras almas.

    TRANSLATION: The church in Lima Peru was separated from this sect that same year, it was only very little time that they were there, about a month. The church realized its heresy and bad behavior and were confronted. Then this year they (the sect) have returned and the church has not received them and we are alert for the damage they may cause. Only Alfonso Nuñez has been recruited by them, and is currently with them in the USA with his family (26/5/2017) being trained by them in order to come and establish a congregation like them here. The Lord will care for his people, he is our Shepherd and Bishop of our souls.

  3. Although these videos appear to be from a time past, it is true that this group is present in Lima, Perú.

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