“Iglesia Bíblica de Nuestro Señor Jesucristo”

of Lima, Perú has made the following statement:

May 21, 2017


“Brothers in Christ of “Exposing the Church of Wells” we write to you in the love of our Lord, in order to clarify some things that we have seen in your page in relation to our congregation.

  1. In this page it seems to mention that our congregation has communion with the “Church of Wells” which we consider a cult.
  2. In 2014 they arrived in Lima with an outward appearance of piety and wrong doctrine. At that time it was not knowed and they were received and were able to participate in some of our services. But when we realize their sectarian behavior as you have described well in your posts and videos, we turn them away from our communion and ask them to leave. It was necessary to do this because their doctrine did not conform to the sound words of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  3. Currently now (2017) one of its leaders arrived in Lima and try once again to interfere in the life of the church by going to a sister’s house to disturb her and make her stumble. We have warned of this and will not have fellowship with them or anyone who is in contact or partakes with them as it is dangerous to the spiritual wellbeing of the members of our church.
  4. Brothers we write this letter to you, please, if it were possible to make a correction on your page by adding what we are manifesting; including the videos you posted of our brothers in Lima, if you can make the correction as we are manifesting this to you, because this is right before the Lord.
  5. We give you our email if you want a more detailed explanation of the falsity of this group, for there are many testimonies of brothers who can account about this. We, like you, see the danger of this group and it is necessary to warn others about this matter. May the Lord keep guiding you in everything you do.”





One thought on “Peruvian church denounces The Church of Wells as a cult

  1. This can be confirmed, the Iglesia Biblica de Nuestro Señor JesuCristo is no longer associated with this group of Wells. This group is working with a family from Lima to advance their causes but they are not currently associated with any one particular church in Lima.

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