“Primitive Christianity”
A sermon preached by Jacob Gardner, The Church of Wells

February 1, 2016


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Primitive Christianity 2016-02-01
Primitive Christianity
Jake Gardner
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0:32 – “Paul Washer says, ‘You can go kayaking, there’s nothing sinful about that.  Hey listen, there’s nothing sinful about taking your wife by the hand and dancing with her through your living room while your children clap on.  Listen, there’s nothing sinful about watching and admiring a sunset. There’s nothing sinful about having a good laugh with your friends.’ 
That is rebellion!  Why?   Because the word of God is: ‘Thy kingdom come, and thy will be done’.  And the truth of the matter is – I could show photos to Paul Washer of when I went kayaking in 2014 with my father – I went kayaking, yeah I did.  Yeah, I’ve actually watched a sunset. Yeah, I’ve actually done this and done that.  And probably none in this room more than myself have taken my wife by the hand and danced with her through our living room or kitchen while our children laughed on and clapped their hands!  Only in the Lord. Only in the Lord Jesus Christ. Not as I will!  But thy will be done is the cry of primitive Christianity!  Anything other than that is teaching the remnant of God rebellion!”  – Jacob Gardner, The Church of Wells


1:12 – “There’s no excuses for Paul Washer, a public minister with 140,000 people following him on Twitter to be speaking for weeks on end about nothing of redemptive value. Just preaching as though he’s not preaching to all of the remnant, to a multitude standing by.  He’s teaching them rebellion.”


3 thoughts on “Paul Washer’s Rebellion – Primitive Christianity

  1. On the other hand, there are those who believe they can do anything, dress like prostitutes, control others, and it is the modern day church. Have sex in the back rooms, all is becoming ok, but Satan seems to push everyone over the hill on the other extreme, so people miss the point. We are to be walking by the Spirit of God, in every detail, had these cult people been taught the truth and followed the Spirit, they would have NOT been attracted to the cult or captured. They could have had Godliness and holiness in their own church instead of a prison, but seeing the weak pastors who do not stand for complete holiness without shame, the people go to the false hope, following deception.

  2. I went through Paul Washer’s Twitter feed to the timeframe from this sermon and found the “Bloodsport” Reference. It was merely a meme. Jacob deceitfully misrepresented Paul Washer. I have a screenshot of the meme if you would like to see it.

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