“Ryan was saying, ‘either God save them or kill them’.  And that’s what alarmed me.
I was like, oh my gosh, I’ve got to get out of here! I’ve got to get out of here!” 
– Sophie Alexander


Listen to full audio here:

Abuse Details. Sophie Alexander Trostle (Full audio)
Abuse Details. Sophie Alexander Trostle (Full audio)
45.4 MiB

Listen to individual audio files here:

Abuse Details. Sophie Alexander Trostle (Full audio)45.4 MiB1071
An Evil 3 Year Old754.3 KiB664
Arranged Marriages933.5 KiB595
Beating And Bruising An 8 Month Old Baby1.5 MiB5450
Children Are Evil If They Are Not Silent1.8 MiB4239
Cory And Ashley McLaughlin Wanted My Child1.0 MiB482
Debilitating Effects Of Cult Indoctrination296.0 KiB359
Effects Of Coercive Persuasion732.1 KiB322
Familial Idolatry1.0 MiB399
Gaslighting1.4 MiB425
God Did Not Kill Me Like They Said He Would354.1 KiB352
How I Escaped5.1 MiB444
I Was In A Fetal Position687.1 KiB371
It's A Classic Cult208.3 KiB355
Kelly Lynch Was So Distraught726.5 KiB329
Lovebombing779.8 KiB381
Methods Of Coercive Persuasion299.4 KiB323
Ryan Prayed That God Would Kill A Man507.5 KiB341
Serial Killer Israel Keyes2.2 MiB2021
Similarity To 2 Other Cults1.8 MiB340
Sleep Deprivation352.3 KiB368
Spanking Other Members Children169.6 KiB416
Their Abusive Pursuit After the Escape1.0 MiB339
They Told Me That God Was Going To Kill Me150.1 KiB320
Using Fear To Keep You There320.4 KiB313
You Have To Escape677.8 KiB337

3 thoughts on “Sophie Alexander Trostle details abuse of women and children at Church of Wells

  1. Isn’t it true that Sophie has now returned to the church and is in a blessed marriage with a godly man of the church? Therefore isn’t it unfair and deceptive to post this conversation she had as a lost soul, and which she clearly thought was private at the time?

  2. I agree with APilgrim. I went to Wells, TX last year in Feb for three days and didn’t see or hear anything alarming, upsetting, or out of the ordinary. The ascetic lifestyle the family’s live there is pleasant. No TVs, no radios, just young Godly Christians seeking the Lord and teaching their children how to seek and worship God. And praise God for that! If more families taught their children to fear God and keep his commandments, I don’t think the world would be going down the tubes (as fast as) like it is. I think it was deacon Ricky’s youngest daughter or one of his youngest daughters asked me “Did you come here to seek the Lord?” I replied that I was and she smiled and then went and helped her brothers and sisters clear a spot for a bonfire later that evening at the deacon’s home. I agreed with the members and elders on most of their beliefs with only disagreeing on a few. Be careful who you choose to expose or slander. I know that when God favors something or someone, the opposition usually doesn’t fare well. Peace be with you and God bless you.

  3. Is Sophie ok with you sharing a private conversation? As stated several times, it was mentioned that it was “confidential” and “just between us”. Since then, the Lord has changed her thinking. I have met a few families and none of the children give any appearance of being abused. They are happy, well-behaved, and respectful. While I may not label a child “evil”, it is true that they have a very real sin nature and even a 1 year old is capable of throwing angry tantrums–I have seen it with my own children. It is important to teach and train early. I do not know anything about the bruises allegedly on baby Elijah, but Nickie is a loving mother and Elijah is a sweet, well-behaved child who gave no sign of being abused. It saddens me to see such slander posted.

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