“I felt, I felt this jolt in my arm. There were a few jolts, and I could see them exiting my body. When I opened my eye, everything was different. Everything was different. Everything was different. There was such clarity. There were these colors — looked different; and when I spoke my voice was different.”   – Andrea Louise Kellogg


The below video was published to the church of Brisbane (an Australian branch of the church of Wells), youtube channel then taken down after 2 days — Titled, “Testimony and Baptism of Sister Andrea.”  Andrea was recently sent from Australia to the USA to be bound in marraige to Jim MacPherson at the church of Wells.


Watch video HERE:

2018-02  Testimony and Baptism Of Andrea Louise Kellogg
2018-02 Testimony and Baptism Of Andrea Louise Kellogg
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Read transcription of video HERE:

The Bizarre Testimony & Baptism Of Andrea Louise Kellogg (transcription)
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5 thoughts on “The Bizarre testimony and baptism of Andrea Louise Kellogg

  1. I really didn’t see anything bizarre at all. She accepted Jesus Christ as her savior and then chose to be baptized.

  2. Pure example of mind control. Very sad. Good people gravitate to a Christ centered church and living arrangement…then they are “broken down”,using psychological and physical brainwashing techniques. People do not need to display misery to prove that they love God.

  3. Praise God for saving and delivering her! While her testimony is different from some, I believe it to be true. Every testimony is unique. God has delivered her from such wickedness and darkness! May He use her mightily to bring others to Christ.

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