10 thoughts on “Positive drug test confirmed after man escapes Wells cult in 2016.

  1. The Church of Wells is a cult, cult, cult. They are drugging and midnapping peoe who they then keep drugged and continue to brainwash.
    It is so unjust and contradictory to any type of relationship with God that anyone assocoated with propogating this evil ought to be ashamed of themselves. I pray this cult will be properly investigated and all the enslaved, drugged hostages they are keeping will be freed and get the help they need to overcome this mind rape which has been done to them wrongly in the name of God. There is no escaping the energetic karma of such evil actions.

  2. Keith,

    I honestly do not see the similarities you are trying to pull out from Heaven’s Gate. None whatsoever.

    As a born again believer, we must put the flesh to death! When the Lord saved me, my desires suddenly became different. I no longer wanted to watch even “clean” shows, I no longer wanted to listen to various music that I liked in the past, I desired to be with Christian brethren, etc. And yes, I am still working at putting various elements of self to death. If this means my friends, family, etc, have no interest in hearing about the Lord and what He has done, then I love them and pray for them, but the relationship will not be the same. There are many families in the church of Wells who have good relationships with the members there, so I know their goal is not to “shun” or “cut off” their family members.

    As far as submitting to elders, that is Biblical (Hebrews 13)! As long as the elders are actually following Christ, not causing anyone to be disobedient to the Scriptures, and are not being “lords” or dictators.

    I have no desire to study men’s definitions/characteristics of “high demand” groups. Many of these come from sources that are ungodly and not even Christians themselves. I just desire to study the Scriptures and follow Christ, however foolish that may seem to anyone else.

  3. APilgrim,

    Directly from the the Heaven’s Gate website (Yes, they made arrangements to keep the website content up.)

    * Many Bible students, some Christian denominations, and to a greater extent the so-called “charismatics” or “spirit-filled” say they are waiting for the “Second Coming.” That same mind, that same information of the true Kingdom of Heaven, which was in Jesus, has come again, for the “second time,” in this civilization. That mind, the one that spoke through the body named Jesus, told His followers that He would come again, though He also told them not to believe any who would say that “Jesus” (the name of His human body 2000 years ago) was on “this mountain” or in “that desert,” for that “body” would not return. The two events that most Christians say they are eagerly anticipating have occurred: the “Second Coming” (as just described) and the “Raptures” (the first of which happened in 1975-76, the second of which is occurring now as the second harvest is “lifted out” of their world). The Luciferians, who have taken over the religions, would have their “faithful” die and go to their “heaven” without doing any of the necessary overcoming, for “He did it all” – “He shed His blood” – in order that you might “be saved.” You can’t simply be a good “Christian,” die, and go to the true Kingdom of Heaven. You can only become a new creature, a Heavenly creature, while a Member of the Kingdom Level Above Human is incarnate in the human kingdom to take you through that “birthing.” That birthing requires that you become dead to all humanness and have only the consciousness – the mind – of a child in that new Kingdom Level – totally under the care and keeping of your “new Father” (Older Member), your “new family,” who takes you into that Kingdom.

    In this small text, notice 5 similar teachings of the Church of Wells. This is because hundreds of high demand groups build doctrines around these same items. These 5 items are absolutely necessary components for a high demand group so they all have them. Once you start studying how high demand groups work, then you can recognize these 5 items quickly when a new group starts up.

    – ‘you must become dead to all humannness.’
    (Obsession with killing any attachment to your past worldly life, which includes your worldly family, friends, interests, etc.)

    – ‘your “new family,” who takes you into that Kingom.’
    (The group becomes your new family)

    – Teaching that it is necessary to be ‘totally under the care and keeping of your Older Member’
    (Totalistic loyalty and submission to the group and group leaders.)

    – Teaching that other groups have it are agents of Satan, suggesting that ‘The Luciferians, who have taken over the religions, would have their saved.”
    (Outsiders of the group are from Satan.)

    – Teaching that the false prophet warnings in the Bible actually support their own doctrine. ‘Jesus also told them not to believe any who would say “Jesus” was on “this mountain” or in “that desert”,’
    (The Bible supports the group and warns the group about outsiders.)

    Please, Please pause on trying to justify the group long enough to learn about the techniques that high demand groups use. Then come back and reevaluate the group.

  4. APilgrim

    Would you be willing to listen to this video about the Heaven’s Gate high demand group that existed for 20 something years before they all committed suicide? The video has 39 members saying they are the happiest person in the world and they are all ready to go to the next level. Many of them go into detail on some of the group doctrines, which are quite similar to the Church of Wells doctrines and the doctrines of hundreds of other high demand groups. The words, the phrases, the doctrines, the speech pattern, the logic, etc. These high demand groups are shockingly similar because they really use the same techniques.

    Can you please watch this video completely and give me some feedback?

  5. Administrator,

    Thank you for your response. I will say, I feel cautious about sharing such information, such as it is, as many have already taken it as 100% accurate that Church of Wells is drugging people. If it turns out to be not true, then it’s near impossible to undue the damage.

    A bit of where I am and why I tend to be cautious about these stories…I have followed both sides for years. I have read accusations and read rebuttals of accusations. I have messaged various ones when in doubt about a story. I have met several members of the church and talked with some at length. I have seen viral sermon clips spread stating what appear to be horrendous things, only to listen to the entire sermon and hear the quote in context. For a couple clips, it seems that bits and pieces were “pasted” together to make a clip that is not in the actual sermon as it is presented in the sound byte–and if listened carefully, the sermon says nothing close to what is being portrayed by accusers. I don’t have specific examples with me at the moment, and should have kept record of my findings, but it wouldn’t be too hard to find again if one really wanted to know.

    I can say, some of the most blessed fellowship I have experienced to date, has been with Church of Wells. No, I am not there, I am not a member. But, they have encouraged my walk with the Lord so much. To have long talks that full of the truth of Christ and lifting Him up was so edifying to me! Some have claimed ptsd after their visits there and while I will not say they are lying, I can say I experienced nothing of the sort, quite the opposite! There was an instant connection and much joy in the Lord!

    I will continue watching and see how things go, but unless undeniable evidence comes out, of something that is against Gof and His Word, I will continue to love, treat and respect them as the brethren in Christ I have believed and found them to be. I do not put much stock in a man’s definition of what a cult is, as anyone can take that and make it fit probably 99% (or more) of the churches here in America. My authority comes from the Word of God and I have found them to line up with the teachings contained therein.

  6. APilgrim, we don’t have factual answers to your questions about the drug test any more than you do. But here are a few possibilities. Why did they wait so long before taking a drug test? Maybe no one suspected drugs were the cause of his strange behavior until several weeks after his escape from Wells. Maybe no one considered taking a drug test until then. Maybe someone suggested it at that time.

    Why did they wait so long to make the test results public knowledge? We only surmise that this could have been the recommended action from law enforcement or legal counsel. One can reasonably assume that there was/is some sort of legal or criminal investigation into these very serious allegations.

    And why is he the only person to make a drugging claim in all these years? Jordan is not the first person to suggest drugs. But he appears to be the first person to possess an actual positive drug test that may serve to back his allegations if proven true. We will repeat that these are only allegations, yet still worthy of publishing and investigating in our opinion.

  7. APilgrim, I love the name. I hope you get a chance to see the new Pilgrims Progress movie. You can sign up to see it streamed for free for 2 days later this month.

    I too have spent many years attempting to sift through the church of wells information for accuracy.

    For me, I ultimately decided to not get into the trap of trying to defend or discredit the personal testimonies of CoW insiders or CoW outsiders. This becomes an endless cycle of he said/she said, where no one ever knows who is right, which sounds just like listening to middle school age drama.

    I simply started looking for red flags that are similar with hundreds of other high demand groups because there are always red flags. Hundreds of high demand groups all claim similar things and behave in similar ways.

    Example: Every high demand group will always claim their group leaders are the true prophets that speak the true words of God and have the true interpretations of scripture. In the end, all these groups claim many things which all sound very convincing because every group is very skilled at quoting scripture and making someone that is listening believe the group leaders are spirit led.

    One way to sort out the mess is to become familiar with techniques that high demand groups are using. There are many books that explain exactly what these groups are doing. Nothing new is going on because there are hundreds of high demand groups using the same techniques. Hundreds of people that have lived it and can explain it so others can understand and quickly recognize it.

    I had an interest in learning about how cults work many years ago. There were 2 simple one line red flags that stuck with me from 20+ years ago. I have since learned many more and I would love to chat with you more about it, either send me a Facebook friend request or drop a comment on the Advocating page, where we have received permission to discuss things as long as it stays respectful.

    #1 The word “Manifesto”. This word got high jacked by cults and terrorists to the point that no one ever uses this word anymore except cults and terrorists. If you see the word “Manifesto”, then it is time to be cautious. It took me 2 min. of looking at the church of wells website to find their “Manifesto” and then immediately I started trying to remember the additional red flags I learned from 20 years ago.

    #2 If scripture that is plainly written requires a guru to explain the true meaning, then it is time to be cautious. This red flag applies whether the group calls their leaders guru, prophets, elders, pastors, leader, etc. It is even more recognizable when the leaders own plainly written writings also cannot be understood without the help of a guru. For me, it was shocking to hear my friend with a Phd repeatedly tell me he did not understand plainly written items and that I needed to ask the group elders. Then was repeatedly told that they also could not explain these plainly written things unless I go there where they would wash me with their words.

    The other thing that I remembered was something called the “Stanley Milgram experiment on Blind Obedience to Authority”, which was scientific study to understand how people can be pressured into things they thought they would never do. This is so powerful that it has been suggested that people who have ever studied the Stanley Milgram experiment would be virtually immune to joining a cult because they would be able to spot one of the biggest red flags related to compliance to an authority figure. In this study, more than 65% of everyday people would actually torture and kill a person because someone in authority told them they must continue. The experiment was then additionally fine-tuned 19 additional times and repeated on 1000 people to accomplish increasing the compliance to 90% You and I simply are not immune to this technique unless we have advance understanding to recognize what is happening. This is a 12 min. video explaining it. There are longer videos if you desire to see the entire experiment start to finish.

    I highly recommend watching the video because being immune to joining a cult would be an amazing skill to have.

    My last thought is this: No one ever joins a cult because no one ever thinks the group they joined is a cult. Also, no one ever leaves a cult because no one ever thinks the group they left is a cult. So let’s be clear. If whatever group we are talking about is not a cult, then we should be in agreement that it would be very wise to make sure we become immune to joining any of those hundreds of other groups that we already consider a cult. I watched the video. Will you?

    God bless you,

    Keith Underhill

  8. Administratorb

    I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I have considered(in the past) the points you have made. I believe the drug reportb that there were drugs in his system. Truly, if the church of Wells is drugging people, that is a major red flag. However, I am suspect to believe such a report given that in all these years only 1 person has made this claim. I also know that there are those who have been close to the church (though are not members) who do not believe they are drugging anybody. Without concrete evidence that they are giving anyone drugs, posts like this just tend to stir more hatred unnecessarily towards brothers and sisters in Christ.

    Do you have any answers for my questions in my first comment? Why they waited so long to test and why it took so long to be public knowledge? IF the claims are true, shouldn’t those involved have been warned sooner?

  9. APilgrim, thank you for your comment. We do believe this test is relevant in showing proof that there was an actual positive drug test after a time in Wells (It’s also relevant that Jordan says he would never voluntarily take those drugs). This documentation only serves to confirm the story he told publicly on Dr. Phil. He wasn’t lying. But you are correct in saying that it doesn’t prove the drugs came from the church of wells. THAT, as you said, “can not be proven”. But based on the many proven and factual reports that have been confirmed over many years, this is one more red flag that raises questions and should be taken very seriously.

  10. This whole thing just seems rather strange to me. Why did they wait over 2 months to get tested? And then over a year to bring it to the news? (conveniently shortly before the Dr. Phil show). I understand that drugs can show on a hair test for 90 days but it seems strange to wait so long to get tested. No matter what was found, it cannot be proven that they came from Church of Wells. If this church forces sleep deprivation (and I don’t believe that they do) then why on earth would they give drugs to make one drowsy…wouldn’t they want a person awake to preach Christ to them? None of this is making any sense and unless some hard evidence came out, I will not believe that the church is drugging anybody.

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