The Sovereignty of God in the Covenant of Grace
1 The Covenant Of Grace25.0 MiB283
2 Atonement14.4 MiB299
3 God Unchanging14.6 MiB278
4 Preservation19.0 MiB271
The Church Realized
01 The Calling Realized 2015-08-0221.2 MiB276
02 The Prophetic Anointing 2015-08-0922.2 MiB265
03 When Was The Last Time You Saw The Glory Of God? 2015-08-2313.8 MiB270
04 The Justice Of God And Our Salvation 2015-08-3028.2 MiB281
05 The Testimony of Aiden Jeremiah Gardner 2015-08-3110.2 MiB299
06 Sobriety For The Hour 09-01-153.9 MiB274
07 Eyes Wide Open 2015-09-0626.9 MiB294
09 Much More 2015-11-0819.2 MiB276
10 The 144 Thousand 2015-11-1511.9 MiB273
Prophetic Meetings
01 The Prophetic Ministry, The Valley Of Vision, And The Sixth Trumpet War27.8 MiB328
02 Blood, Fire, And Pillars Of Smoke31.3 MiB312
03 An Alarm 2015-04-1924.2 MiB316
04 "Charismatic-Prophetic Movement" Info Meeting 2015-08-1543.3 MiB305
06 On The Verge Of Nuclear Warfare 2015-11-085.4 MiB320
Sermons by Jacob Gardner
A Child Weaned From Earth For Heaven48.6 MiB266
A Context For The Church Today 2016-05-2933.4 MiB432
A Fearful Dinner28.4 MiB294
A Fearful Dinner (wells)33.8 MiB252
A Glorious Hour With The Son29.1 MiB268
A New Beginning15.9 MiB289
A Rule For Life19.1 MiB269
A Thanksgiving Exhortation14.0 MiB290
A Willing People - The Testimony Of Jake Gardner14.8 MiB297
Abide In Christ25.1 MiB277
Affliction - A Trial of Meekness5.8 MiB288
An Exhortation On Perfection 2015-11-2211.0 MiB263
Another Wedding - Love And Death - Jake Gardner18.0 MiB258
Are You Taking Heed to Yourself14.5 MiB318
Between The Passages29.8 MiB282
Christian Suffering - Beauty For Ashes35.8 MiB286
Christian, Do You Have Brokenness26.0 MiB290
Christian, Do You Pray15.0 MiB282
Coming to the Lord's Table Unworthily8.5 MiB252
Considerations From Gethsemane13.1 MiB279
Crossless Christianity With Exhortation20.0 MiB293
Disquietude In The Soul24.5 MiB270
Dry Gulch19.1 MiB266
Examples Of Burning Men25.3 MiB300
Exhortation On Endurance21.2 MiB251
Fairest Lord Jesus11.7 MiB274
Faith Or Faith Spoiled27.6 MiB259
Faith's Communicable Secret 2015-12-2728.0 MiB264
Fellowship With God22.8 MiB271
God Is Light 2016-02-1424.4 MiB289
God's Calling Samsons37.1 MiB263
Helps Not Hurts13.1 MiB295
How Are The Mighty Fallen24.9 MiB266
How Does God Say That You Are Hearing33.2 MiB269
In The Power Of The Spirit27.0 MiB292
Intimacy With Jesus Christ (Gonthier Wedding Sermon)10.2 MiB318
Is Your Heart Tender To The Lord49.0 MiB351
Jakes Music Burden Exhortation11.4 MiB280
Jakes Testimony Part 118.9 MiB261
Jakes Testimony Part 220.2 MiB273
Jubilee29.5 MiB274
Keeping Thy Heart21.1 MiB263
Lead Thy Captivity Captive14.0 MiB249
My Meditation Of Him Shall Be Sweet12.5 MiB304
Obtaining And Maintaining Diligence29.7 MiB292
Pictures Of Love27.6 MiB284
Praying In The Holy Ghost13.4 MiB258
Primitive Christianity 2016-02-0116.5 MiB589
Return To Faith16.4 MiB246
Rise Up, O Wayfaring Men!26.7 MiB274
Spiritual Union - Spiritual Fellowship13.8 MiB263
Testimony Of Judith35.4 MiB372
The Axioms Of Education43.3 MiB282
The Church In The Wilderness (with Prophecy)41.0 MiB417
The Doctrine And Practice Of The Love Of Jesus Christ17.9 MiB255
The Dreamer33.8 MiB279
The Epoch Of Hope And Its Sermons30.1 MiB259
The Fear Of God38.0 MiB278
The Forgotten Exhortation21.8 MiB261
The Glories Of Heaven30.9 MiB292
The Gospel And Call Of The Epistle To The Romans34.9 MiB260
The Great Picture (Bailey Wedding Sermon)13.3 MiB321
The Greatest Thing In The World15.6 MiB264
The Heavenly Patriot16.2 MiB277
The Indespensible Truth About Prayer19.9 MiB283
The Law Of The Spirit13.4 MiB247
The Necessity Of Meditation9.2 MiB272
The New Way 2016-04-0131.3 MiB282
The Old Way in the Context of the Last Days (with summary points by Brother Sean) 2016-04-2427.5 MiB573
The Oxford Martyrs11.7 MiB265
The Secret of Power - Covetousness vs Contentment 2016-03-2031.1 MiB291
The Spirit of Adoption19.0 MiB328
The Spirit Of Elijah28.6 MiB288
The Task, The New Way, and the Burden for Spiritual Israel 2016-04-0329.9 MiB256
The Ten Virgins37.5 MiB264
The Trouble Coming Exhortation3.3 MiB255
The Way Of True Blessedness6.9 MiB259
Waste10.1 MiB274
Where Is The God Of Elijah15.2 MiB257
Will You Receive His Love24.0 MiB267
Words On The Second Coming Of Christ9.7 MiB267
Ye Mighty Valourous Men 2016-01-2424.2 MiB269