Former Members and Former Recruits share their stories.  

Real people.  

Real experiences.

Real abuse.

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Former Members:
"I was Emotionally and Mentally Scarred for Months" 725.9 KiB332
"I was Emotionally, Mentally, and Verbally Tortured"877.3 KiB313
"Speaking out! Interview With Ex Cow Members"54.2 KiB103

“They tried to Override one’s Conscience and Dictate their Mindset” (video link) – Christine M.

“I Felt Trapped. I was Held Spiritually Captive.” (video link) – Patrick J.

International Recruitment Attempts
Letter of Clarification regarding the church in Lima, Peru122.6 KiB18
Stalking and Recruitment Attempts:
"They are Manipulative to Ensnare and Lure you in" - Kaycee L.35.5 KiB210
"This Group are Persistent Predators, Wicked Shepherds." - Melissa L.686.4 KiB268
"Two Unnamed Church of Wells men were sent 1000 miles to Intimidate my Family" - Keith U.21.8 KiB214