Former Members and Former Recruits tell their story.  

Real people.  

Real experiences.

Real abuse.

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The Sophie Files
Abuse Details. Sophie Alexander Trostle (Full audio)45.4 MiB1142
An Evil 3 Year Old754.3 KiB701
Arranged Marriages933.5 KiB634
Beating And Bruising An 8 Month Old Baby1.5 MiB5687
Children Are Evil If They Are Not Silent1.8 MiB4298
Cory And Ashley McLaughlin Wanted My Child1.0 MiB524
Debilitating Effects Of Cult Indoctrination296.0 KiB391
Effects Of Coercive Persuasion732.1 KiB352
Familial Idolatry1.0 MiB429
Gaslighting1.4 MiB464
God Did Not Kill Me Like They Said He Would354.1 KiB378
How I Escaped5.1 MiB473
I Was In A Fetal Position687.1 KiB403
It's A Classic Cult208.3 KiB383
Kelly Lynch Was So Distraught726.5 KiB362
Lovebombing779.8 KiB415
Methods Of Coercive Persuasion299.4 KiB354
Ryan Prayed That God Would Kill A Man507.5 KiB374
Serial Killer Israel Keyes2.2 MiB2059
Similarity To 2 Other Cults1.8 MiB376
Sleep Deprivation352.3 KiB396
Spanking Other Members Children169.6 KiB453
Their Abusive Pursuit After the Escape1.0 MiB367
They Told Me That God Was Going To Kill Me150.1 KiB353
Using Fear To Keep You There320.4 KiB342
You Have To Escape677.8 KiB361
The Kelly Files
"I was Emotionally and Mentally Scarred for Months" 725.9 KiB1024
God desires to boil your bones in water and smell you burn252.8 KiB166
In this phone call, church elder admits Kelly Lynch stayed in a shed17.6 MiB674
Kelly Lynch Call Slip Cherokee County Sheriff's Department394.2 KiB264
Stalking and Recruitment Attempts:
"They are Manipulative to Ensnare and Lure you in" - Kaycee L.35.5 KiB916
"This Group are Persistent Predators, Wicked Shepherds." - Melissa L.686.4 KiB1060
"Two Unnamed Church of Wells men were sent 1000 miles to Intimidate my Family" - Keith U.21.8 KiB675
Former Members:
"I was Emotionally, Mentally, and Verbally Tortured"877.3 KiB938
"Speaking out! Interview With Ex Cow Members"54.2 KiB1425
"Tried to Override one's Conscience, and Dictate their Mindset"- Christine M.11.7 MiB497
Escape Attempts:
2016-01-04 Catherine Grove Escape Attempt 911 Call454.1 KiB802
2016-01-04 Catherine Grove Escape Attempt Video Footage31.7 MiB4727
2016-01-04 Man Searching For Catherine Grove, 911 Call218.6 KiB565


“I Felt Trapped. I was Held Spiritually Captive.” (video link) – Patrick J.